Adult Drivers Education

Does the DMV want to retest you before renewing your license? Are you concerned about the driving ability of a family member, friend, or loved one?Olympic school can help! We work with the Traffic Safety Office in giving remedial instruction and will help you get your license reinstated. We offer personalized lessons tailored to fit your specific needs. Lessons can be conducted in your car or ours. We can help you review for the DMV driving test; teach you how to adapt to various disabilities; or simply help you feel more confident driving on California’s busy roads and highways. Lessons can be conducted in your car or ours. Upon completion, we can provide you and any interested parties with a written evaluation free of charge.

Our patient and professional instructors will be there for you. Contact us today to discuss rates and scheduling.  Click the options below to enroll today.

Adult Permits 

For additional information call us at (650) 777-0003  to discuss your needs with our staff.