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Why Behind the Wheel Training?

After completion of Driver’s Ed Classes and after passing the written test at DMV, you are issued an instructional permit, which allows you to drive while supervised by a licensed driver over 25 years of age. Now, you just need to enroll in a behind the wheel driver’s training program provided by a driving school and take a 6 hours driving lessons.

Your provisional permit will not be valid until signed by your instructor at the end of your first practice class showing Driving School rubber stamp.

After having held your instructional permit for 6 months, completing 6 hours of drivers training with a licensed instructor and 50 hour of supervised driving with a licensed driver over 25 you can apply for the road test to get your D. Llicense.

Olympic Driving School of San Mateo provides “behind-the-wheel” training of 6 hours (2 hour x session). We will issue a completion certificate required by DMV at the end of the 6th hour of training that includes basic maneuvers, traffic situations, traffic lane control, left & right turning using signals, sharing normal traffic, how to deal with all traffic signs, passing and parallel and forward parking, plus much more.

Our instructors are certified and experienced in teaching you the rules of the road to interact with other motorists with safety in mind at all times. Classes are private and we pick up and drop-off at your school, office or workplace.